Pre-order the Jinty classic ‘A Spell of Trouble’

4th May 2022

A magical comedy from the classic British girls' comic Jinty is available to pre-order now in a volume perfect for Hallowe'en!

Popular, rich and great at school, Carrie lives a charmed life - because, unbeknownst to her classmates, she's a witch! Hailing from a long line of witches and warlocks Carrie has never wanted for anything - that is until her bumbling, nonmagical and anti-magic cousin Angela shows up! And worst of all - if Carrie can't turn Angela into a legendary sorceress - she'll lose all her powers! Worlds collide and sparks fly as these cousins have to learn to live together - or else! 

Created by Catalan artist Trini Tinturé, this brand new collection of never-before-reprinted comics also features another tale - the spooky, insect-infested 'Creepy Crawley'.

Out on 13 October, A Spell of Trouble is available to order in standard paperback or in a hardcover edition exclusive to the Treasury of British Comics webshop, featuring a brand new cover by original series artist, Trini Tinturé.

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