They’re the Krazy Crusaders – pre-order the Birdman & Chicken collection!

25th November 2021

To the outside world, Dick Lane and Chic Dodds look like two average, law-abiding citizens. But they lead an amazing double life - for when fiendish finks and vile villains step over the line, Dick and Chic strike back as the crime-fighting duo, Birdman and Chicken!

The first ever collection of writer/artist Trevor Metcalfe's side-splitting series from the pages of Krazy is available to pre-order now!

Cowled, caped and equipped with a vast array of crime-busting gadgets, Birdman and Chicken fight back against the likes of The Giggler, Sourpuss, The Puzzler and Father Time – and sometimes they win!

Out on 2 March 2022, this collection reprints Metcalfe's rib-tickling parody of the 1966 Batman television series for the first time, a highlight of Krazy comic every week!

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