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The Spider’s Syndicate of Crime Webshop Exc. Hardcover
The Spider's Syndicate of Crime

Released 14th Apr 2021

This hardcover edition with brand new cover by Chris Weston is available exclusively from the 2000 AD and Treasury of British Comics webshop.

Enter The Spider – comics’ lost Golden Age supervillain from the co-creator of Superman, Jerri Siegel!

Equipped with a razor-sharp mind, superb athletic ability and a vast array of cutting edge gadgets, The Spider has his sights set on taking over the New York underworld and establishing a ‘Syndicate of Crime’.

Join the menacing Spider on his earliest adventures, recruiting other fiends into his fledging empire and seeing off competition from other villainous foes, including the master of illusion, Mirror Man! Fully remastered and collected for the first time, this volume presents many of the super-crook’s exciting 1960’s adventures which featured the most popular British comic book villain and sprang from the imagination of Superman co-creator, Jerry Siegel.

These strips were originally serialised in Lion from 26th June 1965 - 18th June 1966 and the Lion Annual 1967.


Ted Cowan & Jerry Siegel
Reg Bunn