20th September 2021

Rebellion announce ‘Monster Fun’ – Britain’s newest on-going humour comic for kids!

16th September 2021

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15th September 2021

OUT NOW: Thirteenth Floor Volume 3

7th September 2021

OUT NOW: Cosmic Comics is back, with an extra 28 pages from legendary creator Kevin O’Neil!

21st August 2021

Femme fatales, mad scientists and giant spiders – pre-order the Jaume Rumeu Collection

4th August 2021

Daft pundits and rubbish managers – kick off the season with Ken Reid’s Football Funnies!

4th August 2021

The ’70s T-shirt Collection – wear your favourite classic British comic book logo!

28th July 2021

Never was there an anti-hero like Hellman of Hammer Force – pre-order now!

21st July 2021

OUT NOW IN NORTH AMERICA: Black Beth and The Devils of Al-Kadesh!

21st July 2021

OUT NOW: The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire Volume Three!

14th July 2021

WWI aces and giant bats – keep watching the skies and pre-order Black Max Vol.2

30th June 2021

Janus Stark Volume 3 – out now!

30th June 2021

Discover the secrets of Mark Dangerfield, AKA ‘The Indestructible Man’!

25th June 2021

Interview: The Return Of Black Beth With Alec Worley And DaNi…

25th June 2021

Escape to a world of crime-fighting thrills with Janus Stark Volume 3!

23rd June 2021

OUT NOW: Battler Britton by Hugo Pratt

23rd June 2021

OUT NOW IN THE UK: Black Beth and The Devils of Al-Kadesh!

23rd June 2021

The horror classic concludes: pre-order The Thirteenth Floor Vol.3

16th June 2021

Pre-order the stunning Black Beth and The Devils of Al-Kadesh!

9th June 2021

OUT NOW: Tammy & Jinty: Remixed!



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