The Kelpie The Boy Wizard: 60th Anniversary Edition is Out Now!

19th June 2024

Collected in its entirety for the first time since it originally appeared in Wham! sixty years ago, Kelpie the Boy Wizard is an exciting, magical adventure illustrated by British Comics' legend, John Burns.

In days of old, when King Arthur reigned over Britain, there was at royal Camelot an apprentice sorcerer by the name of Kelpie.

Together with his venerable master, the great and powerful Merlin, Kelpie uses his magic to protect the kingdom from evil doers including The Raven and the Weird Sisters of Doon!

First published sixty years ago by Odhams press in Wham!, the complete saga of Kelpie the Boy Wizard channels Arthurian legend through a Harry Potter filter, written by Ken Mennell and featuring the gorgeous black and white artwork of legendary British artist John Burns.

Stories included: