Out Now! The Spider takes on Cursitor Doom and Adam Eterno in the final issue of Smash!

20th December 2023

Adam Eterno and Cursitor Doom bring Smash! into 2023!

The six decade-spanning adventure comes to an explosive conclusion as Cursitor Doom is outwitted by a former sidekick, and the demon trapped in the stone idol since the time of Janus Stark is unleashed. The time-travelling Adam Eterno enters the fray in an attempt to halt the demon’s reign of terror, but whose side will the King of Crooks choose to align with? An action-packed finale written by Paul Grist (Jack Staff, Kane) and drawn by V.V. Glass (The Last Witch).

From two very different 1960s secret agents – Jane Bond and The Steel Claw – to mechanical menaces Robot Archie and the murderous AI Max from The Thirteenth Floor, and villainous anti-hero The Spider and supernatural avenger Cursitor Doom, this is a series a whole century in the making.

This brand new mini-series unleashes the power of some of the last century’s greatest comic book characters. Having been inspired by them to create his acclaimed self-published series Jack Staff, Grist now realises his vision with the original versions of these legendary characters.

In Victorian London, when the legendary elastic-limbed escapologist Janus Stark traps a demon in a stone idol, hoping to seal away the malevolent monster for all time – yet he has just created a prize too alluring for criminal masterminds to resist!

Sixty years later, terrifying high-tech thief The Spider organises a heist for his Crime Syndicate to the steal the statuette. But heroes from across the ages unite to confound the king of crime, and prevent him from unleashing the demon hidden inside. Can they succeed and keep the evil of the stone idol contained?

Issue #3 of Smash! is out now! Available in all good comics stores, or direct from the 2000 AD Webshop here!