Out Now! Robot Archie and The Time Machine

22nd May 2024

The Treasury of British Comics is proud to unveil its first collection of one of British comics' most famous and beloved characters – Robot Archie.

The most famous creation of Edward George Cowan, otherwise known as Ted Cowan, Robot Archie debuted in Lion in 1952 with his first series drawn by artist Alan Philpott. This new collection brings together Cowan and artist Ted Kearon's 'Robot Archie and The Time Machine' story from 1968 – the first book in the 'time traval saga', which sees Archie travel across the eons on new and exciting adventures!

Originally built by Professor C.R. Ritchie, the mechanical being known as Robot Archie was employed to battle injustices around the world, particularly in the jungles of Africa and South America. The automated action hero has worked with the Professor to create 'The Castle' – a fully-functioning time machine!

Together with the Professor's nephew, Ted Ritchie and his best friend Ken Dale, Archie is ready to embark on a journey through time that will bring him into conflicts with medieval knights and a terrifying, dystopian future where aliens have conquered the Earth!

Available in paperback edition, this collection is also available in a hardcover edition exclusive to the Treasury of British Comics and 2000 AD webshops, featuring a stunning infographic showing a cross-section of Robot Archie.