OUT NOW: Picture Library: The Crimson Sea by Hugo Pratt

31st January 2024

The latest War Picture Library collection featuring the work of master artist Hugo Pratt - The Crimson Sea collection is available to buy in print now!

One of the 20th Century's greatest artists, Hugo Pratt’s influence on comic art can still be felt today. In 1967 he created the internationally popular comic book character, Corto Maltese, but he had already been working in comics for 20 years before then. In 1959 he moved to London where he worked for Fleetway on their War Picture Library line of comics. Working with writers including Donne Avenell, Fred Baker, Alf Wallace and E. Evans, his artwork resonates today, and The Treasury of British Comics continues to bring all of his work to print!

The title story of this collection, The Crimson Sea, tells the tale of a younger brother of an officer, both survivors of the sunken HMS Grapnel, who feels he must step out of his brother's shadow with astonishing acts of bravery. There are three other stories in this collection; Pathfinder focuses on an Australian pilot joining the RAF, Up the Marines features tales of Royal Marine Commandos being sent on daring missions behind enemy lines, and in Dark Judgment two rescued POWs are suspected of not being who they claim to be - each of these four stories is stunningly drawn by the Italian comics maestro Hugo Pratt just a few years before he created Corto Maltese.

Readers of Corto Maltese will love these forgotten classic war stories from the world renowned comic book artist, published in a format larger than originally published to show off his impressive and universally-lauded artwork!