Classic Comics Characters Collide – Pre-Order Smash!: The Broxteth Devil today

5th June 2024

Superheroes from across the ages – assemble! Smash! The Broxteth Devil unleashes the power of some of comics’ greatest characters of all time!

Written by renowned artist/writer Paul Grist (Kane, Jack Staff), this fast-paced action-adventure story features the very best and the most outlandish heroes, superheroes, and anti-heroes that comics can offer!

In Victorian London, when Janus Stark traps a demon in a stone idol he creates a prize too alluring for criminal masterminds to resist. Enter the King of Crooks – The Spider – who tasks his infamous Crime Syndicate with stealing the statuette.

Thus begins a six decade-spanning adventure featuring a host of British comics’ finest heroes as The Steel Claw, Jane Bond, Robot Archie and Adam Eterno – with a little help from Maxwell Towers’ rogue AI – team up to ensure The Spider never lays his hands on the idol.

This action-packed team-up is written by Paul Grist (Jack Staff) with art by Tom Foster (Judge Dredd), Anna Morozova (Lowborn High), Jimmy Broxton (Goldtiger) and V.V Glass (The Last Witch), and is available both as a paperback edition with cover from Andy Clarke (Batman & Robin), as well as a webshop-exclusive hardback with a cover by Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead)!

From two very different 1960s secret agents – Jane Bond and The Steel Claw – to mechanical menaces Robot Archie and the murderous AI Max from The Thirteenth Floor, and villainous anti-hero The Spider and supernatural avenger Cursitor Doom, this is a series a whole century in the making.

This brand new story unleashes the power of some of the last century’s greatest comic book characters. Having been inspired by them to create his acclaimed self-published series Jack Staff, Grist now realises his vision with the original versions of these legendary characters!