The King of Crooks returns! Pre-Order The Spider’s Syndicate of Crime vs. The Crime Genie now!

13th March 2024

'If there was a ever a crown for the finest character created for British Comics in the shadowy black and white newsprint world of the 1960s, it would be proudly worn by the Spider.' - Paul Grist

The King of Crooks returns!

The Spider is a fabulous intellectual adventurer who straddles both sides of the law and uses a whole host of super equipment to stay one step ahead of his enemies.

When small-time hoodlum Steve Gurko unwittingly releases a magical entity from captivity, he quickly gains the kind of power he could only ever dream about. Embarking on a crime spree, Gurko soon finds himself on the Spider's radar. But the astounding crime fighter is about to face his toughest opponent to date because the Crime Genie won't be enslaved by a fool like Gurko for long. Once unleashed, this mystical menace possesses enough might to enslave the human race forever!

This new collection is available for pre-order in two editions: our standard paperback alongside an webshop-exclusive hardcover, with a brand new cover from artist Vincenzo Riccardi!