Rebellion Presents The José Muñoz Collection – Pre-Order Today!

22nd May 2024

Rebellion presents three action-packed stories from the legendary Lion comic, all featuring the work master of chiaroscuro-style black-and-white art - José Antonio Muñoz.

In 1973, Muñoz worked on three short-lived strips in Lion. A Stitch in Time follows the adventures of a young boy named Stitch Cotton and his alien friend, Varl, after they steal a time machine from the sinister space-master, Mr. Universe. Lost in Limbo Land(written by 2000 AD regular, Chris Lowder), follows Barry Smith - a studious bookworm who is struck by lightning and flung into a world of Norse myth and legend. The final strip, Sark the Sleeper, sees a starship commander accidently woken from hypersleep by two boys who are completely unaware that they passengers flying through deep space in search of a new home.


A Stitch In Time - Writer unknown , Artist José Antonio Muñoz (originally published in Lion, 24th March 1973 - 18th August 1973)

Lost In Limbo Land - Writer Chris Lowder, Artist José Antonio Muñoz (originally published in Lion, 13th October 1973 - 8th December 1973)

Sark The Sleeper - Writer Frank S. Pepper, Artist José Antonio Muñoz (originally published in Lion, 15th December 1973 - 18th May 1974)