Agile as an acrobat, quick as a lightning flash – The Best of Cat Girl is out now!

3rd August 2022

The beloved UK superheroine, Cat Girl, finally pounces into her own collection!

From the pages of classic 1960s girls' comic Sally, Cathy Carter is not your average teen. She can jump further, fight longer and climb higher than anyone she knows – with the aid of a magic suit, she is Cat Girl! Facing off in glamorous, globetrotting adventures against supervillains and master criminals, Cathy often finds the hardest fight comes from her bumbling detective father, who doesn’t believe Cathy can fend for herself. Can Cathy save the world when the person trying to hold her back – is her dad?

This first ever collection contains Cat Girl's latest adventure - Cat Girl Returns from the Tammy & Jinty special - as well as a purrfect selection of Giorgio Giorgetti's best classic Cat Girl stories from Sally, and a brand new cover from Elkys Nova.

The Best of Cat Girl is available in standard paperback or Treasury of British Comics webshop exclusive hardcover featuring a design-led cover by design Gemma Sheldrake with art by Giorgio Giorgetti.

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