Earth is under attack – pre-order The 10,000 Disasters of Dort collection!

1st February 2023

The aliens from Dort have lost their world and now they want Earth - pre-order THE 10,000 DISASTERS OF DORT collection now!

Written by Mike Butterworth, the writer behind the hit series The Rise and Fall of The Trigan Empire, and with art by Luis Bermejo and José Ortiz, this slice of classic British comics is filled with disaster, action, and peril!

It is the year 2000. In fifty years' time the planet Dort will collide with its sun and be destroyed. Ratta, the dictator of Dort has chosen Earth as a new home for his people - but first he is creating ten thousand disasters to wipe out all human life! Only Britain's best scientist, Professor Mike Dauntless, has the mind and spirit to stop Ratta from destroying humankind!

Originally running in the legendary comic Lion from 18 May 1968 to 23 November 1968, though when the strip was reprinted in Lion in 1974 it featured a new conclusion! The last two episodes were changed, though the writer and artist behind this remain unknown - and these two instalments will also be reprinted as an additional extra in this collection.

Out on 4 May in paperback, this is a high-octane collection of sci-fi action you don't want to miss – for the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance!

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