Get retro comic book T-shirts from The Treasury of British Comics

7th November 2018

From terrifying tower-blocks to the mightiest super-team in history, these classic comics are the greatest in the world - and now we've got the T-shirts to prove it!

Grab the new T-shirts available from The Treasury of British Comics webshop featuring logos from some of the best comic books of the 1980s - Scream!, Misty, The Thirteenth Floor and El Mestizo - alongside Rebellion's 2018 revival of some of the greatest characters in the known universe, The Vigilant!

Available in men's and women's sizes, these quality T-shirts feature logos and artwork from Rebellion's vast archive of classic British comics and are a must for any discerning comic book fan!

The Thirteenth Floor

El Mestizo
Scream! logo

Misty logo, available in black and blue

The Vigilant logo

The Vigilant cover, art by Simon Coleby