Get the new classic girls’ comics T-shirts

13th September 2023

Apparel of Laughs is launching a new range of six T-shirts celebrating IPC Fleetway's classic comics for girls.

Created in collaboration with Rebellion Publishing, each design features a vintage illustration taken from the vast archive of these nostalgic comics and spans the decades with famous titles like June, Tammy, and Misty getting their own unique t-shirts.

Founder and Designer of Apparel of Laughs, Jude Coram, said: “As an avid collector of classic comics, I have seen the value and love heaped onto these girls' titles. They were not just shelf fillers, each one was made with care and consideration for the reader with some of the best artists around. The care taken to give a girl something to read and enjoy, but also to learn and aspire to is something we should see more of today. Each comic had it’s own unique selling point and was able to find it’s own audience amongst the school girls of the '60s, '70s, and '80s. The comics featured mystery stories, sci-fi fantasy, and fantastical tales as well as school strips and relationships. They weren't afraid to tackle harder topics and gave their readers a safe space to grow. A whole generation of women were brought up with these comics, and we are very happy to take these ladies back to happier days with a healthy dose of nostalgia. “

Apparel of Laughs has been selling t-shirts and gifts celebrating British culture from when it first launched in October 2019. Since then, it has spread a bit of Britishness to customers all over the world with designs featuring food, TV, film, sports, and art from the UK. All the shirts are printed using vegan inks, and all are sent in plastic free packaging. All clothing orders are also sent for free to the UK. The new collection of girl’s comic t-shirts perfectly encapsulates what Apparel of Laughs is all about; showcasing classic parts of British cultural history with fun, unique, and original designs.