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27th February 2019

As chosen by the fans, you can now get one of the legendary Creepy Creations on a quality tee - it’s the ‘The Fanatical Fungus-Grower of Frogpool’!!

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The Fungus-Grower is just one of seventy-nine Creepy Creations from Shiver and Shake, which began in 1973 with the ‘The One-Eyed Wonk of Wigan’. Readers were then invited to send in their sketches for further instalments and winners would see their creation brought to full-colour life by various artists, though mainly by the legendary Ken Reid.

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This glorious riot of the grotesque was voted by online fans as the one they’d most like to see on the first Creepy Creations T-shirt!

Available to order now in multiple sizes and colours, and printed in the UK, this quality T-shirt is mandatory wear for any fan of the comically macabre!

  • Available in both unisex and women’s cuts on Fruit of the Loom shirts.
  • Available colours: Black, White, Royal Blue, Classic Olive, Red, Sunflower.
  • Available in sizes 3XL (unisex) and 2XL (women’s)