Out Now! Check In for Chills with The Thirteenth Floor: The Return of Max

13th September 2023

He's the legendary star of classic British horror comic Scream!, and now Max – the murderous AI – is back with new adventures in a fantastic collection!

Max, the A.I. superintendent of Maxwell Towers has found a kindred soul in one of his residents, a young, disturbed boy call Sam Bowers. Together they work to rid the building of all the ne'er do wells who lurk in the dark corridors of the block, luring them to the dreaded thirteenth floor. But this power has started to corrupt Sam, surprising even Max - and their activities have not gone unnoticed, as WPC Hester Benedict becomes more aware of the sinister events taking place at the building.

Out on 14 September and written by Guy Adams (Heavens Gate), this collection includes art by Frazer Irving (Batman and Robin), John Stokes (Star Wars), Tom Paterson (Sweeny Toddler), Kelley Jones (The Sandman), VV Glass (Dr Who) and Vince Locke (A History of Violence).