Out Now! There’s fishy business going on here – reel in Classic Gums today!

22nd November 2023

You're gonna need a bigger book shelf – because the first collection of the classic Gums from the pages of Monster Fun is here!

The Great White (toothless) shark stalks a territory  around the Australian coast, where he constantly butts heads with local surfer, Bluey. While Gums is out to snack on the youngster, Bluey is determined to take the shark's false teeth as a memento! 

Written by Roy Davis with art by Robert Nixon and Alf Saporito, this hapless, loveable shark with false teeth was a highlight of the short-lived humour comic Monster Fun and proved to be so popular with the fans that he appeared as the front cover strip for most of the run.

Out now, this collection includes Gums strips from Monster Fun 7 February to 30 October 1976, as well as the Monster Fun annual stories from 1977 to 1985.

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