OUT NOW: Von Hoffman’s Invasion!

22nd August 2018

Two plucky young boys are all that's stopping a genius Nazi scientist's plans to use giant creatures to attack Britain's village fêtes and national monuments in revenge for World War Two!

Tom Tully and Eric Bradbury's Von Hoffman's Invasion is possibly one of the weirdest, most madcap series British comics has ever come up with - a kind of 1970s British kaiju in a post-war landscape, mixed with genuine peril and funny capers.

A slice of utterly bonkers classic comics from the heyday of the British weekly paper industry - it has to be read to be believed!

Available in print from: The Treasury of British Comics webshop, book stores, Amazon UK, Amazon US, and comic book stores via Diamond

Available in digital from: The Treasury of British Comics webshop, Amazon Kindle, the 2000 AD apps for iPad, Android and Windows 10 devices

CREATIVE TEAM: Tom Tully (w) Eric Bradbury (a) PAPERBACK, 130 pagesPRICE: £12.99 (UK)ISBN: 9781781086261DIAMOND: JUN181957