Pre-order BATTLE ACTION #5

31st August 2023

The thrilling new BATTLE ACTION mini-series comes to an explosive end with its fifth issue!

The last issue of Battle Action is now available to pre-order from your local comic book store (Diamond code JUL231918) or from the 2000 AD and Treasury of British Comics webshops.

Out on 27 September, this issue kicks off with an early adventure of 'Hellman of Hammer Force', when he leads the Condor Legion in Spain and the conflict forces him to determine what he will stand for – written by Garth Ennis (The Boys, Preacher), with art by Mike Dorey (2000 AD).

In 'Nina Petrova and The Angels of Death', Petrova takes a new Commissar under her wing and the green officer sees first-hand what war truly entails, by Torunn Grønbekk (Thor, Punisher War Journal) and Patrick Goddard (Rogue Trooper).

Classic series from the legendary British comics Battle Picture Weekly and Action such as ‘Johnny Red’, ‘HMS Nightshade’, ‘Crazy Keller’, ‘D-Day Dawson’, ‘Dredger’, ‘Major Eazy’, and ‘Hellman of Hammer Force’ burst back into life in this new five-issue mini-series, which features the work of John Wagner (Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog), Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy, Warhammer 40k), Torunn Grønbekk (Thor, Punisher: War Journal), Rob Williams (Suicide Squad, Judge Dredd), John Higgins (Watchmen, Judge Dredd) and Chris Burnham (Batman Incorporated, Unstoppable Doom Patrol)!

Available through comic book stores and the 2000 AD and Treasury of British Comics webshops, this first issue features the return of fan favourite World War Two flying ace ‘Johnny Red’ by Ennis and Burns, as well as the return of Battle Picture Weekly’s co-creator John Wagner to ‘HMS Nightshade’, the series he co-created with artist Mike Western in 1979, which tells the story of a Royal Navy warship protecting Allied shipping from the U-Boat menace!

Battle Picture Weekly was where the revolution in British comics began. Created in 1975 by writers and editors Pat Mills and John Wagner, it introduced new grittiness into comics with its cast of anti-heroes and misfits. Its bombast and energy sparked a sea-change in what comics could do, leading to Mills’ creation of the controversial Action and the globally influential 2000 AD.

The new Battle Action mini-series celebrates the merging of this landmark title with its controversial stablemate, Action, a combination that took the two comics to even greater heights. Now, more than forty years after the original, some of the cream of British comics talent are bringing these classic characters back to life.

Battle Action #1 is out on 31 May from comic book stores and will be available for stores to order through Diamond Distribution’s Previews magazine. It will also be available in print and digital from the 2000 AD and Treasury of British Comics webshops and digitally through the 2000 AD app.

Issue 1:

Issue 2 on sale: 28 June

Issue 3 on sale: 26 July

Issue 4 on sale: 30 August

Issue 5 on sale: 27 September