Pre-order The Steel Claw: Reign Of The Brain!

15th June 2022

The latest collection of one of Britain’s most enduring comic book heroes is now available to pre-order - reserve your copy of The Steel Claw: Reign Of The Brain now!

Out in November, the second collection of the sci-fi classic features two stories reprinted for the first time in paperback and exclusive hardcover editions.

Louis Crandell was but a lowly lab assistant with a prosthetic, steel hand until an experiment gone awry results in a horrific explosion. Surging with electric charge which bestows Crandell the power of invisibility with the exception of his steel hand, so commence a series of uncanny thrills!

This fetching collection includes writer Tom Tully’s first two stories, originally published in the comic Valiant between 1963 and 1964, with the stunning, realistic black and white art of Spanish comics’ legend Jesus Blasco!

The limited webshop exclusive edition comes with a brand new cover by comics legend Brian Bolland!

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