Sexton Blake is back – grab the new special now!

25th November 2020

He's as brilliant as Sherlock Holmes and as daring as James Bond- and The Return of Sexton Blake is out now!

This special includes, for the very first time, the last Sexton Blake comic strip (originally published under the title "Victor Drago") by Chris Lowder (Dan Dare, Judge Dredd) and illustrated by Mike Dorey (Hellman of Hammerforce).

 Then the adventure detective is back in action as George Mann (Doctor Who, Star Wars Adventures) and Jimmy Broxton (Hope, Doctor Who) brings us the first new Sexton Blake comic in decades! 

Meanwhile, Philip K. Dick Award winning writer Mark Hodder (The Burton & Swinburne Adventures) introduces Blake to a new audience and Karl Stock (Thrill-power Overload: Forty Years of 2000 AD) interviews the writers and artists. 

Created in 1893 - six years after rival Sherlock Holmes first appeared in print - Sexton Blake went on to become a publishing phenomenon, appearing in 4,000 stories told written and drawn by over 200 different writers and artists and syndicated around the world. And now he is reborn!