Sink your teeth into The Leopard from Lime Street!

20th March 2023

He's Britain's best-loved homegrown superhero and you can now get the adventures of The Leopard from Lime Street in three gorgeous collections!

As American audiences feasted on stories of Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, and the X-Men, over in Britain kids thrilled at the adventures of young Billy Farmer, who is scratched by a radioactive leopard and discovers that he has acquired the strength, agility and senses of the mighty jungle cat!

Like all good superheroes, he creates a costume to disguise his identity and becomes the friendly neighbourhood masked vigilante known as the ‘Leopard-Man’ – the premier crime fighter of the town of Selbridge! Living with his aunt and mean uncle in a small house on Lime Street, Billy juggles his time between schoolwork and saving lives, earning some money on the side as a freelance photographer for the Selbridge Sun. Of course, not everyone is happy which his exploits, and he often faces outright hostility from the very community he is dedicated to protecting!

First published in the pages of Buster in 1976, and created by Roy of the Rovers writer Tom Tully and artists Mike Western (Darkie's Mob) and Eric Bradbury (Doomlord), The Leopard from Lime Street is the crown jewel of British superhero comic strips – don't miss the three volumes of this exciting, action-packed strip!