The infamous cover they tried to ban – now on a T-shirt!

22nd May 2019

It was the story that got a comic banned – and Carlos Ezquerra’s infamous Kids Rule O.K.! cover is now available on a quality T-shirt!

Launched in 1976, Action was the ground-breaking, highly-influential comic that paved the way for 2000 AD – filled with shocking tales of football hooliganism, savage sharks, rampaging teenagers, high octane gore, and extreme violence!

Ezquerra’s legendary cover for the series, showing what critics claimed was a chain-wielding teen attacking a policeman, is now available on a T-shirt as well as the series' famous ‘Aggro: it's a way of life’ slogan!

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Set in a world without adults where gangs of teenagers run amok, Kids Rule OK! featured feral gangs of children and teenagers exacting revenge on the adult world – the strip helped lead to the comic being branded a “sevenpenny nightmare” and newsagents refusing to stock it. A toned-down version of Action returned a month later, but lasted barely a year before being folded in stablemate Battle.