The king of crime is back – pre-order Jerry Siegel’s The Spider vs The Crook From Space!

14th March 2023

He's the undisputed king of crime – he is THE SPIDER! And the latest collection of his nefarious exploits is available to pre-order now!

Written by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and drawn by The Spider co-creator Reg Bunn, this new collection brings together two stories from the legendary British comic book Lion – 'The Spider Vs The Exterminator' and 'The Spider Versus the Crook from Outer Space'.

The Spider is an amazing mastermind with a stunning array of weaponry and a vast network of villainous henchmen! Now the underworld is fighting back and have sent a strange assassin known as The Exterminator to lure the spider into a trap. But one battle isn't enough for this arachnid adventurer - when a shape shifting crook from another planet arrives on Earth, the Spider must stop the alien from plundering the planet and toppling him from power!

This new collection is out on 12 July in both standard paperback and webshop exclusive hardcover, with a brand new cover by leading artist Vincenzo Riccardi.

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