‘TimeQuake’ from Starlord & 2000 AD collection out now from Hibernia

14th November 2023

Hibernia Comics are back with the fifth in its Fleetway Files collection – 'TimeQuake'!

"TIME TRAVEL! IT'S FLAMIN' IMPOSSIBLE! Before the agents of Indigo Prime and Loki's Time Variance Authority there was 'TimeQuake'! Time-Control patrol the timelines to keep reality safe from time-quakes: devastating changes to the structure of time caused by threats ranging from alien incursions to Nazi meddling and techno-Aztec attacks. Time-Control recruit unsuspecting 1970s hard man, James Blocker, to join their fight against the murderous alien Droon and Blocker's no-nonsense East End attitude soon makes him an indispensable, albeit reluctant, member of the Time-Control team. Together with 32nd Century princess Suzi Cho, the Aztec Quexalcholmec and Time-Control chief Harl Vinda, Blocker must help keep the timelines safe and on the right track!

Written by Chris Lowder (Adam Eterno, Victor Drago) and boasting the artistic talents of Ian Kennedy, John Cooper, Alberto Salinas and Jesús Redondo, this time-bending tale is one of the highlights of short-lived 2000 AD stablemate, Starlord.

The artwork has been restored to match its original publication, this is the first time TimeQuake has been collected in any format, in this limited print run of just 300 copies.

This volume presents all of the weekly adventures of this classic from the pages of Starlord and 2000 AD. Don't find yourself stuck in the past, jump onboard with TimeQuake now!

108 pages (A4 perfect bound), including all colour pages and centrespreads, and with cover gallery.