Wrap up warm and prepare to be chilled with the Misty Winter Special!

4th November 2020

With the nights drawing in it's the perfect time for traditional Christmas ghost stories - and the brand new Misty Winter Special is available to pre-order now!

Published between 1978 and 1980, Misty was the weekly anthology comic aimed at young girls that told tales with supernatural or spooky themes, and this winter special features two brand new tales designed to honour Misty's legacy and send a shiver down your spine! 

Written by Anna Savory (Tales from the Satanic Library) & V.V. Glass (Doctor Who), and illustrated by V.V. Glass, 'Infection' is a disturbing tale about how far people are expected to conform to societal standards no matter how warped the rules become!

And in 'Home for Christmas', writer Lizzy Boyle (Scream! &  Misty) and artist David Roach (Anderson, Psi Division) unveil a harrowing ghostly home-invasion that reveals dreaded sins of the past!

All this is wrapped in a brand new cover by Simon Davis (Sláine)!